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We produce quality janitorial and textile products made in New York City and make them available through several distribution channels including the AbilityOne Program for our Federal customers, NYSPSP, New York State Preferred Source Program for our NY state and city government customers in addition to commercial sales. Learn more...
As part of its mission, Alphapointe provides preferential hiring to people with vision impairments (legally blind). The array of job opportunities range from office positions such as vision instructors, information systems specialists, store cashiers, switchboard operators, and customer service representatives or various light industrial positions (pen assembly & bottle packaging).  

Employees work in a very safe and pleasant environment. Alphapointe offers a top notch benefit package along with a competitive wage. If you are interested in working for this exceptional company promoting employee growth and advancement, please click here or below to complete an application. 

Alphapointe is an equal opportunity employer, which employs personnel strictly on qualifications without regard to race, religion, national origin, age, gender, color, pregnancy, disability (for which reasonable accommodation can be made), genetic information, citizenship, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic that is protected by law.


Alphapointe is a multi-faceted company with an array of divisions that is driven by our mission:  "Empowering people with vision loss to achieve their goals and aspirations." This has been at the core of everything we do for over one hundred years. 

​Our standards are high, our credentials are strong, and our people are driven to exceed your expectations.


Our diverse work force of 185 employees in New York is a source of skilled blind, visually impaired, and sighted men and women from all walks of life whose hard work and dedication serve as the foundation to our success. Alphapointe (NYCIB) is the largest employer of people who are blind or visually impaired in the New York City area, the state of New York, and the North East region of the United States.

What We Do
Alphapointe (NYCIB) offers employment opportunities to individuals who are legally blind through manufacturing of products, business services, and job placement programs. 

Alphapointe (NYCIB) operates its main production lines and headquarters within a 160,000 square-foot facility located in Brooklyn. Alphapointe (NYCIB) also operates a satellite operation near JFK airport, servicing the Unites States Postal Service. We continue to grow our customer base, our product lines, and most importantly our workforce by providing our customers the quality products and services they expect at competitive pricing. 

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Alphapointe (New York City Industries for the Blind, Inc.) is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit company that was founded and incorporated in November of 1995. Since that time, hundreds of men and women who are blind or visually impaired have found meaningful training and employment opportunities at Alphapointe (NYCIB).  

Alphapointe (NYCIB) is associated with National Industries for the Blind (NIB) and manufactures AbilityOne/Skilcraft products under the AbilityOne Program supplying the Federal government and military personnel with quality products. Alphapointe (NYCIB) is also affiliated with Industries for the Blind of New York State (IBNYS) supplying a broad range of products and services to New York state, city and local government agencies. 

Though a "not-for-profit", Alphapointe (NYCIB) operates like any other "for-profit" business.  Minimal funds are received as grants or donations.  Virtually all operating and capital expenditure funds are realized through sales of Alphapointe's products and services to its customers.

Who We Are

We are about jobs and independence. Our vision is to be the premier organization of empowered employees that exceeds expectations of all of our partners and champions opportunities for people who are blind to achieve their full potential.  

We are the only facility in the New York City metropolitan area with the mission of putting blind and visually-impaired people to work. Alphapointe (NYCIB) assists people who are blind in reaching independence and an improved quality of life with employment opportunities and training – things every American strives to achieve." 




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